Most advanced aerial video / photography drones in Jacksonville Florida Operated by a licensed FAA pilot. Flying the all new Freefly Alta with Movi M15 gimbal. Drone Aerial Video Production Company in Florida

  • Arri Alexa Mini Florida

    The industry standard. Were one of the 1st to receive the new, compact, lightweight & self-contained “ARRI ALEXA Mini“. The ALEXA Mini perfectly complements the entire ALEXA line of cameras.

  • Grip Truck Jacksonville Florida

    Jacksonville's most equipped video production studio goes mobile! With over 3 Tons of grip and lighting equipment were setup to handle any of your video production needs. Jacksonville Florida Grip Truck

  • Cable Cam Florida

    Check out our Cable Cam. We can run our Movi M15 Gimbal carrying or Red Dragon or Arri Alexa Mini for 700' at over 45MPH. That's two football fields long!


    Our RED Dragon 6K is bigger & smaller. Leveraging the award-winning RED DRAGON sensor, w/ 16.5 stops of dynamic range. The sensor captures over nine times more resolution than standard HD, resulting in native exposure that exceeds 35mm film in both latitude & image density.

  • 7.1 THX Surround Sound Mix to Pic Suite

    4th Dimension takes Jacksonville Florida audio production to another level boasting a brand new Icon D-Control suite.

  • Video Editing & Color Grading

    In a room of demanding clients with conflicting ideas, our editors / colorists have the skill set and tools for real time performance, creative features and powerful control you need to work fast!

    Video Editing & Color Grading

  • 60' Green Screen / Stage

    Jacksonville's most equipped studio boasting a 60' Green Screen and Studio CYC. Fully lit with Kino Flo's, Teleprompter, Makeup, Wardrobe, RED EPIC DRAGON, Jibs, Dollies, Cranes, Steaducams, and much more! Our studio is sure to accommodate any of your production needs. We can match move or motion track your next award winning VFX shot.

Video Production Latest Work

Video Production Jacksonville

Video Production Jacksonville

4th Dimension Studios is a full service Video Production & Aerial Video Photography Company. Working with all platforms and formats from Arri Alexa to Red Helium 8K digital cinema. 4th Dimension Studios can manage any project from concept to completion, or even as a production partner. We have the experience, crews, and equipment to meet any of your video production needs.

4th Dimension Studios writes, directs, produces, lights, shoots and edits:

  • Feature Films
  • Short Films
  • Documentaries
  • Television Commercials
  • Television Series
  • Infomercials
  • Corporate Videos

Video Production Services:

  • Directing & Cinematography
  • Alexa Mini 4K Camera Packages
  • Red Red Helium 8K Camera Packages
  • Cooke S4 Cinema Lens set
  • Angenieux Zoom lenses with full FIZ systems
  • 8K / HD Aerial Drone Multicopters FAA Licensed & Insured
  • Full 3 Ton Grip & Lighting
  • Jibs / Dollies / Camera Truck / Steadicams / Movi Packages / Russian Arm
  • 60' Green Screen and Studio CYC
  • 5,000 Sq Ft Facility
  • 2,500 Sq Ft. Studio Rental
  • Teleprompters
  • Studio / Location Audio
  • Hair and Makeup


Video production company in Jacksonville Florida offering video production services, Drone aerial video production and cinematography, and Grip Trucks.
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